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Frequently asked Questions

What is an XR-Shop?

It is a virtual 3D-Shop with photorealistic 3D-Products!

What does the XR-Shop offer?

Your customers experience the shop in an entirely new and exciting way - virtual online shopping, but just like in reality. Customers immerse themselves by moving around and interacting with your 3D products.

What are the benefits of your XR-Shop?

Intuitive use and emotional involvement for users. It will work as sensational marketing instrument due to cutting edge technology.

YOUR XR-SHOP - rendered watch
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Check sample AR products with your mobile device!

Product digitalization (precise appearance, animated 3D content, 3D information etc.). Place virtual objects in your room - turn, resize, enjoy!

YOUR XR-SHOP - Zoom and 3D-Icons
YOUR XR-SHOP - QR-Code Bottle
YOUR XR-SHOP - QR-Code Watch

Flexible design of environment and interiors

  • Our backend system supports you in setting up your XR shop individually. It provides you with the entire range of settings for both the interior and the visual design of the scenery. All you need is internet access.
  • Thanks to our server architecture, all settings that affect the shop as such are managed centrally.

Your usual shop backend also controls the XR shop

  • We provide an addon for your shop system so that all 3D objects are visible and configurable directly in your own shop backend.
  • Thanks to the integration, you can conveniently run the XR shop with your standard online shop without having to make any complicated additional settings for products or categories.
  • Your XR shop is completely integrated into your online shop in terms of inventory, so that it only represents an extended view of your assortment. Of course, you can also offer specials in the XR shop that are not active in the web shop.

Complete integration into your online shop

  • The XR shop automatically accepts your sale or other promotional prices if you wish.
  • You don't need to include a new checkout. The XR shop uses all options in terms of delivery type and payment system that you have set up in your shop.
  • Due to the complete integration, no additional interface to your merchandise management system is necessary. Your stocks are always up to date in real time.

Of course, the XR shop can also be operated as a separate online shop, even if you don't have a shop yet. We would be happy to implement the whole package for you, including the connection to your merchandise management system.

Versatile Usage

Our XR-Shop works on many different devices that the customer is used to. No special hardware needed.

Flexible software engineering

for current browsers, mobile and VR devices - ideal basis and preparation for future integration into the Metaverse.

YOUR XR-SHOP - 3D-Webview Desktop

3D-Webview Desktop

YOUR XR-SHOP - Headset


YOUR XR-SHOP - AR-App mobile device

AR-APP Mobile Device

We would love hearing from you - ask a question, receive more info, enter XR!